Wordpress Plugins

All of our custom Wordpress plugins are available directly through Wordpress in the Wordpress Plugin Directory. If you'd like to discuss the creation of a custom Wordpress plugin or further customization of one that we've already created, please contact us for a free quote.

TD Ticket System Wordpress Plugins

TD Ticket System

A simple ticket support system for WordPress. Maintain reliable communication with customers without the worry of missing emails.

TD Instagram Import Wordpress Plugins

TD Instagram Import

Import your instagram pics, or pics from your instagram feed, into individual posts. Features: - Import posts and auto publish or save as a draft - Pick and choose which items to import - Import posts from your feed (ie, posts from the folks you follow) - Import hashtags as WordPress tags - Import to a specific category - Easy configurable HTML post template.

TD Admin Lock Wordpress Plugins

TD Admin Lock & Load

Don't leave your barn door open! Lock down your admin login form and load up another site instead for unwanted guests. This plugin will kill the process of loading the admin panel prior to the loading of the template, and other such resource intensive processes that occur even when a user is not yet logged in.
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