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Speeding up your Website with PageSpeed Insights

Buried within the Google Webmaster tools is an extremely useful speed analyzing tool that gives you detailed actionable changes you can make to speed up both your mobile and desktop presence. From an SEO standpoint, Google has made it very clear that page speed is a significant factor in your sites search ranking. Even if […]

What is SEO? Clearing the air on Search Engine Optimization

So…what is SEO? If you’re new to the concept of putting websites together, SEO (which stands for search engine optimization) is a very broad term used to describe the act of optimizing a website for inclusion in search engines. Most people will agree that there are generally two sides to SEO: on-page and off-page. I […]

Responsive website demonstration video

Here’s a quick video demonstration I put together to show the difference between a website with a responsive layout vs a website without a responsive layout. I suppose I take my tech savviness for granted sometimes. I’ve found that as I drop the term “responsive design” on prospective clients that it’s been met with blank […]

WordPress Ticket System Plugin now with responsive layout

I just committed a new minor update to the TD Ticket System WordPress plugin. This fixes a few minor issues and adds a reworked responsive layout to the ticket list. Look for another more significant update shortly! Grab the plugin from within WordPress, or from the WordPress Plugin Directory

WordPress Instagram Import Plugin Now Available

It’s alive and working. This WordPress plugin auto creates posts from Instagram posts with a simple click. You can download the plugin directly from WordPress, or in the WordPress Plugin Directory.

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